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Reality on Demand - Episode 6: "Game Over"
Episode 6: "Game Over"
With Nick near death and the Hell Hole open, all seems to be lost. Can the players save the day or is it truly game over?
Reality on Demand Episode 5: "Zoe the Zombie Slayer vs the Hell Hole"
Episode 5: "Zoe the Zombie Slayer vs the Hell Hole"
With Robby out of commission and Nick in the clutches of the demonic Preacher Jim, the game may soon be lost. The players, along with the Colt brothers, prepare for an epic battle to save Nick and... the world.
Reality on Demand Episode 4: "Robby!"
Episode 4: "Robby!"
The players, along with the Colt brothers, race to save Robby from the evil Felicia and learn of the Hell Hole's location.
Reality on Demand Episode 3: "It's An Ambush!"
Episode 3: "It's An Ambush!"
About to discover what show they are in, the players are separated and must fight for their lives with their new found allies.
Reality on Demand Episode 2: "Where Are We Now?"
Episode 2: "Where Are We Now?"
Still acclimating to the game, our players find themselves stranded on a dirt road and thrust into danger.
Reality on Demand Episode 1: "Press Play"
Episode 1: "Press Play"
In this first installment of the web series, we are introduced to four contestants as they playtest a highly advanced virtual reality game. However the game begins to experience "technical difficulties."

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