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Marx Hernandez Pyle
Marx is the Creator, co-Writer, Director, and Producer of Reality On Demand.

After attaining college degrees in Psychology and Computer Information Systems, Marx decided to pursue a dream he had since childhood - filmmaking. Leaving his home in Evansville, Indiana, Marx went to Vancouver Film School in Vancouver, British Columbia to study film production.

In Vancouver he worked on a wide range of projects, including short films, independent feature length films, documentaries, reality television and commercials. His roles in such projects have varied just as much: Producer, Writer, Assistant Director, Director of Photography, Editor, Sound Mixer and of course the infamous Production Assistant.

He also studied another hobby of his outside of school – fight choreography, which naturally arose out of his interest and background in martial arts. Marx's training in martial arts ranges greatly in different styles: Jun Fan, Kali, Hapkido, Kung Fu, Pacific Archipelago Combatives, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Tai Chi, Silat, Judo and more.

Missing home he returned to the Tri-State, where he has worked as a freelancer in various film projects and wrote/directed "Silence of the Belle."

While in Vancouver, Marx interviewed Damien Kindler about, the then web series, "Sanctuary." Kindler's excitement of the future of web series inspired Marx to go home that evening and write outlines for three pilots meant to be web series. "Reality On Demand" is one of those three.

Rachael Nunn
Rachel is the First Assistant Director of Reality On Demand.

After growing up in the Kentucky countryside, riding horses, shooting guns, camping outside, kayaking down rivers, and watching the occasional Science Fiction marathon with her three brothers, Ms. Nunn decided to follow a dream and attend film school. She enrolled in University of New Orleans in 2005 for her education but after a small natural disaster called Katrina, she decided to follow her dreams in a slightly less hostile environment. The next year Ms. Nunn found herself in Orlando FL, the self proclaimed "Happiest Place on Earth", attending Full Sail University. In less than 21 months she graduated with an A average, a number of school and indie (short film and music video) projects under her belt, and a Bachelors of Science degree in Film. Slightly more than a year later she graduated again from Full Sail University, this time with an A+ average and a Masters of Science degree in Entertainment Business.

During her Masters degree education Ms. Nunn pursued a number of opportunities in the local FL entertainment industry including the Florida Film Festival, Enzian Theater, and a number of Fan Conventions. When she could not be found writing a paper for school chances where she could be found working film festival parties, streamlining a small indie theater's box office, or working as personal assistant/body guard for a number of TV and film celebrities participating in conventions.

Since completing her Masters degree Ms. Nunn has not slowed down a bit. She has been working and attending film festivals, writing and pitching business plans, working as First Assistant Director on a few short films, producing her very own film, and more recently signing onto "Reality On Demand", a show she is most excited to see succeed.

You can find Rachael Nunn on a number of websites including LinkedIn, the Kentucky Film Office, and her slowly blossoming IMDb page.

Julie Hernandez Seaton
Julie is a Producer and Co-Writer of Reality On Demand.

Julie was born and raised in Evansville, IN and after graduating from Central High School, attended the University of Southern Indiana where she majored in Print Journalism/Computer Publishing, while also dabbling in creative writing, literature and languages. This is also where she met Marx, the man with whom she would take the plunge into marriage and, years later, into another passion—filmmaking.

When she isn't working on her latest film project, she enjoys belly dancing, international folk dancing, jewelry making/beadwork, playing piano, playing percussion in her church, singing in a German choir, trying out new recipes and relaxing with her husband and their three cats and rabbit. And sometimes, if she's lucky, she still finds the time to curl up with a really good book.

Jarrod Moschner
Jarrod is a Producer, Production Designer, and Editor for Reality on Demand.

Jarrod is an exceptional production and post-production asset. With a background in both science and art he brings a wide range of skills from the set to the edit booth.

Ian Cullen
Ian is a Producer of Reality on Demand.

Ian Cullen, the only Brit on our crew, has always had an interest in the creative arts and during the 1990s studied performance arts at the Abraham Moss College in Manchester where he gained the BTEC First Diploma and BTEC National Diploma in Performance Arts.

The course covered many aspects of theatre from lighting, sound and stage management to the more performance orientated skills such as acting, singing and dance. Though not much of a dancer Ian excelled in acting and singing. The latter of which got him cast in several musical productions. He also wrote comedy sketches and a few plays some of which are still performed at the college now.

After leaving Abraham Moss, Ian knocked about in fringe theatre for awhile trying to figure out where he fitted. During these few wilderness years Ian did various things such as building computers for fun and terrorizing young women by threatening to bite the ears of their fluffy furry animals, but eventually had to do something constructive and built a website called Scifipulse. He also hosts the new podcast SFP- NOW, which covers comics, genre television and all manner of good geeky stuff.

He met Marx on the Internet because of and hit it off right away when it came to discussing crazy story ideas and science fiction in general.

He became involved in "Reality On Demand" after some very long conversations with Marx about comics and genre television, and immediately aided the production by bringing his friend and SFP- NOW sound technician and musician T. Shawn Hardy to the production.

Ian lives in Manchester, England with his two cats Sasha, who goes by the nickname of Thrush and Molly, who is often used for target practice when Ian throws screwed up balls of paper at her during fitful bouts of creative frustration.

Ian, says that it is always best to listen to the voices in ones head because life would be boring otherwise.

Alfonso D. Ponton
Alfonso D. Ponton comes to Reality on Demand with over 4 years of experience in the professional film industry. He is a graduate of The New York Film Academy and from there his career has taken him to many exciting places.

His favorite project so far has been a short, Of Anna and Dreams, a haunting film about Asian film star Anna Mae Wong. This film was well received at it's premiere at the Royal Opera House in London. In addition, Alfonso has worked the past three seasons of NBC's The Apprentice. He also worked on the crew of The Burningmoore Incident, an independent horror film set for distribution in the near future. This film featured Geoff Tate, lead singer of Queensryche, and was also accepted into festivals.

Alfonso is excited to expand his Director of Photography experience with Reality on Demand and is looking forward to many great projects in the future.

Megan M. Leavitt
Megan M. Leavitt brings the blood and zombies to Reality on Demand!

Megan graduated from the Makeup Designory in New York. She has worked on various shorts, independent films and photo shoots, using both beauty and Special Effects skills. For the film The Burningmore Incident, set for distribution in the near future, Megan flexed her blood and gore wings! She is looking forward to many opportunities to do so in the future.

Brian Bolin
Brian is the graphic designer for Reality on Demand.

Brian brings years of experience in graphic design working on major advertisements and movie posters for a number of independent films. A graduate from the University of Southern Indiana, he brings over a decade of graphic art experience to Alien Jungle Bug Productions.

Kate Bolin
Kate attended the University of Southern Indiana and is a talent behind the camera who recently took her skills in still photography and evolved them into cinematography as one of the camera operators for Reality On Demand.

Joe Atkinson– Associate Producer and Assistant Editor
Pablo Gallastegui – Script Supervisor
Greg Schultheis – Key Grip
Louis Nunn – Grip
T. Shawn Hardy – Music Composer
Jim Stark – Fight Choreography Consultant

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